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From our latest newsletter…

Hi To Everyone,

October – Time just does not stop. Christmas is very much on its way; Year 12 students are in their final exams and the weather is fickle but still very kind to us all. Farmers are in preparation for harvest and many organising summer cropping activities.

The weather will warm up and this cold spell will soon fade into the hot. For this area of Australia, zero rain from now to the beginning of March 2024 is the preference, dam storages are in excellent condition. Hume at 97% and Dartmouth at 99% of capacity and we are in middle October. Would seem good supplies of irrigation water available for this season?

Last newsletter was written (typed onto an iPad) while enjoying a European River Cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. Now back to reality of life in a great location called Berrigan. Travel does show you just how wonderful        Australia is and how unique.

Plenty of events still to come leading up to the Christmas break, the most famous being Berrigan Gold Cup Day, Saturday 4th November 2023, gates open at 11am for the 6 event race day. Cup day is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with friends, family and to socialize in the ambiance of hospitality and country racing at its best.

Supply of product is much better, yet we still have a few products that are not available for 6 months or more.

Quick update on Trent and Aleks Lane, currently they are back in Sofia, Bulgaria and we do not expect to see them back in Australia for 12 months. Aleks is expecting their first child, due early March 2024, an exciting time for everyone and everything is going well, all healthy.

Until Next Newsletter,


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